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Desk Controller Config Generator

Since the desk controller board does not come with any firmware, you will need to install some before you can use it. I highly recommend using ESPHome — it is extremely configurable and has native integration with Home Assistant, but also works with any other system that supports MQTT.

For even more flexibility, or to learn how this works, you can check out the GitHub repository for more details.

  name: standing-desk
  platform: ESP8266
  board: d1_mini

  standing_desk: github://tjhorner/esphome-standing-desk/configs/template.yaml
  presets_addon: github://tjhorner/esphome-standing-desk/configs/addons/presets.yaml
  desk_config: github://tjhorner/esphome-standing-desk/configs/desks/uplift_v2.yaml

# Add the rest of your ESPHome config here: wifi credentials, Home Assistant API, etc.