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Desk Controller Stock Firmware

If you don't have ESPHome readily available, you can flash a pre-built firmware to your board. These binaries will advertise a captive portal on an ad-hoc WiFi network so you can connect it to your WiFi without needing to install ESPHome.

Web Flash

If you are using a supported browser (i.e., a Chromium-based browser), then you can flash the firmware directly from the web. Select your desk brand below, then press the big blue button. Connect the board to your computer, select it from the list, and install.

Manual Download

If you are not using a supported browser, or you need the raw firmware binaries, you can download them from the GitHub releases page.

  1. Select the correct firmware for your desk brand
  2. Flash the firmware to your board using esptool, Tasmotizer, etc.
  3. Connect to the ad-hoc network
    • SSID: Standing Desk Controller
    • Password: hunter2hunter2
  4. Your device should automatically navigate to the setup page, but if it doesn't, manually go to in a browser
  5. Select your WiFi network and enter credentials