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WiFi Standing Desk Controller

Make your standing desk smarter with this ESP8266-powered controller board

$25 + tax + shipping


With this device, you can connect your motorized standing desk to your home automation system. It can read your desk's current height, and set it as well. This lets you create automations that integrate with your desk, for example:

Or whatever else you'd like. The possibilities are endless! As long as the possibilities involve a standing desk.

This project is fully open-source. If you would like to modify the design or get your own boards fabricated (if I don't ship to your country, for example), head to the GitHub repo. You'll find everything you need there.


Any standing desk that uses RJ45 to connect to the keypad is likely compatible, but these brands of desks have been verified to work, with official firmware provided:

If your desk brand isn't listed here, and it turns out that it works, let me know! I'll add it to this list.

Firmware and Resources

There is no firmware installed by default (since I don't know what desk brand you use!), but there is a micro-USB port available for you to flash whatever you would like. Stock ESPHome firmware for different desk brands is available to flash, as well as config templates. KiCad and Fusion 360 source files are available on GitHub as well.

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